Safe Zone Agreement Lifts Cloud of Fear in Northeast Syria

Now U.S. and Turkey Must Unite to Protect Civilians in Northwest

August 7, 2019

Washington, DC — Americans for a Free Syria (AFS) commended the United States and Turkey on today’s agreement for a safe zone and joint operations center in the northeast of Syria, averting a possible military confrontation between Turkey and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“A military conflict between Turkey and the SDF would have played right into the hands of Iran, Russia and the Assad regime. Thanks to strong, persistent diplomacy by the United States, that nightmare scenario is now averted. Ambassador James Jeffrey and his team deserve the credit for this important achievement. We look forward to seeing the full details of the agreement and its effect on Syrians,” said Ismael Basha, President of Americans for a Free Syria. “Strong U.S.-Turkish cooperation is necessary to resolve the issues in northeast Syria, to protect civilians in Idlib and to achieve a political solution acceptable to the Syrian people. We urge the United States and Turkey to take swift measures to stop the Assad regime and Russian hostilities in Idlib as the ceasefire there has proved meaningless and civilian attacks continue.”

Americans for a Free Syria (AFS) is a non-partisan, non-profit that advocates for human rights, the rule of law and U.S. national security interests in Syria.