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Learn – Advocate – Give

Giving a voice to the Syrian people requires you! Join us and advocate for American policies supporting a free, stable, and democratic Syria.

LEARN — Before encouraging your friends, your community and your leaders in Congress to support the Syrian people and their human rights, learn why Syrians rose up in 2011 to call for freedom and where the conflict stands today.





ADVOCATE — Your voice matters! Visiting your Member of Congress, writing an article for your local newspaper, posting on social media and talking with your friends and neighbors is crucial to changing hearts and minds, and American policy.

  • CONTACT: Your Member of Congress is directly responsible to you, the constituent. Call or email their office and ask them to stand up for freedom in Syria. Here are some helpful talking points:

  • VISIT: Nothing surpasses a face-to-face meeting with your U.S. Senator or Representative and their staff in building a good relationship, bringing issues to their attention, and ultimately influencing their decisions in Congress. Use our advocacy meeting toolkit to prepare and conduct a meaningful meeting that leaves a lasting impression:

  • VOLUNTEER: Take your grassroots experience to lead advocacy teams in your area. Contact for more information.

  • PERSUADE: The written word is a valuable tool in awakening your community to the conflict in Syria. Tell why a free and stable democracy for Syria matters to you by writing an op-ed or letter to the editor. Show your support on Twitter and Facebook. Click here for tips.

GIVE — Advocating in Washington requires compassion, time, perseverance, hard work and sustained funding. Support our work to stand up for human rights and democracy in Syria by donating here:

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