Americans for a Free Syria Celebrates Life and Heroism of Sen. John McCain

August, 26, 2018

Washington, DC — It is with great sadness that Americans for a Free Syria (AFS) join with Cindy McCain and her family in mourning for the passing of Senator John McCain. He was a lion of the Senate, an American hero, and a man of strong character. His family knows him as a husband, a father and a close friend—none feel his loss in quite the same way. On behalf of the Syrian American community, we offer the McCain family our deepest condolences and our sincerest thanks for lending him to the cause of freedom.

With his passing, America and its allies in freedom have lost a true hero and great moral voice of our generation. Sen. McCain fought tirelessly on behalf of oppressed people around the world, especially in Syria. His unwavering belief in the reasons for Syria’s uprising, and in the need for U.S. leadership to support them, has shown Syrians that We the American People stand with them in their dream of a country that honors its citizens with liberty and dignity.

Our community considers it an honor and a privilege to have worked with Sen. McCain and his staff to highlight the plight of Syrian civilians who continue to face brutal repression by the Assad regime which has no care or concern for human rights, civil liberties, or basic decency. In contrast, Sen.McCain embodied and fought for these ideals every day serving his state and his country. Senator McCain’s legacy will live on in the hearts of those who have worked on this cause, as it will for men and women throughout the world.


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